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I'm Thanh Tran

Fullstack Developer Senior .Net Developer Travel Vloger

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I like traveling with my bike to another land.


4+ Years work on ERP, Automatic System and Build Web Application.
Like a new technology.

  • Full name Tran Ky Hoa Thanh
  • Date of Birth 15 June, 1992
  • Email: trankyhoathanh.1992@gmail.com


  • 90%
  • 85%
  • 70%
  • 95%
    C# .Net and .NetCore
  • 85%
    SQL Server
WMS System Managed

System constructing, but you can try register and view demo.

What I use technologies for this product ?

  • Server LINUX NGINX : Load Balancing / Run Application REDIS and MEMCACHE for caching
  • Backend .Net Core 2 Microservices and Gateway API (Ocelot). SSH.Net.Core Lib for call bash. Sendgrid for email. EF Core, MySQL.Data.EFCore for context database.
  • Database MySQL Private database per customer.
  • Frontend Angular 6 To current, I use open source theme of NEBULAR customized for my system.

More of my credentials.

My wave working from 09/2014 to present.

Work Experience

Analyst Programmer

09/2017 - Present

Infolog Viet Nam Ltd.

Build & owner HMS / TMS System.
* Tracking realtime vehicle.
* Create TMS Order when manual search Place on map.
* Managed devices, geofence per user.

Main technologies :
* Windows Service (Cloud Google), Restful API microservice (Linux).
* Angular 6 (frontend), .Net Core 2 (backend), MSSQL, MySQL, MongoDb
* SignalR, AGM lib, geocode place & cache on backend.

Senior Developer

09/2015 - 09/2017

Dispatching Solutions Inc., LTD

Build & owner HMS / TMS System.
* Tracking realtime vehicle.
* Managed dashboard HMS / TMS.
* Schedule assign task for Driver

Main technologies :
* Angular 1 (front), .Net 4.6 (back), MSSQL
* SignalR, geocode place call to Google by Pure JS.

Junior Developer

09/2014 - 09/2015

Uniccs, Ltd.

Web / Next Taurus
* Maintain SQL, port from Oracle to DB2 / Postgres.
* Auto executer bash file on linux.

Junior Developer

Before 09/2014




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